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[WATCH] Nature Trust concerned by prospect of land reclamation
Nature Trust's Vince Attard warns that one slip up could trigger a domino...
[WATCH] Scanners and sniffers on the frontline against illegal substances
An interview with a dog handler inside Malta’s busy Customs department...
Man arrested after being caught with ammunition in his suitcase
Court & Police
The man was scheduled to fly to Frankfurt and to then catch a connecting flight...
Man charged with causing another person grievous injuries while drunk
Court & Police
The man was arraigned at the court in Gozo, and also accused of disturbing the...
Boy hit by car in Mtarfa
The boy was driving his bicycle on Tuesday evening  
Consumers' watchdog issues warning over Christmas lights
Two Christmas lights products have been deemed unsafe due to the risk of...
Man accused of theft and damage doesn’t know why he did it
Court & Police
Michael Spiteri was accused of stealing €60 and damaging a fuel pump 
Ana Gomes accuses Delia of gripping onto PN helm to deter personal investigations
The vocal MEP said that if Delia doesn’t file his resignation he would be...