[WATCH] Press freedom groups want new inquiry to establish whether Caruana Galizia murder could have been avoided
Several press freedom organisations have taken their call for a public inquiry...
[WATCH] Police are still ‘intensively’ investigating Caruana Galizia murder, police chief says
Police Commissioner Lawrence Cutajar insists the investigation into Daphne...
Police to get pay rise, shorter work week
Court & Police
Malta’s two police unions on Monday signed a sectoral agreement over...
Rise in prices closing off property market for median wage earners
A White Paper on housing on Monday will propose ways in which those...
[WATCH] Car crushed in Gzira accident
Court & Police
Driver was able to stand after the accident, and is understood to have refused...
[WATCH] Michelle Muscat blames previous administration on state of Mt Carmel
Muscat was asked whether the restructuring works could have been started any...
Over 11,000 church and private school students using free school transport
The scheme has cost the government €8.5m 
Man injured as load falls off trailer in Zejtun
The man was take to hospital as certified as sustained serious injuries 

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