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Prime Minister appoints former judge to head public inquiry into Caruana Galizia murder
Judge Emeritus Michael Mallia will lead the public inquiry that also includes...
[WATCH] Gozo facing worker shortage, minister says
Justyne Caruana says 4,000 new jobs in 10 years will be created in Gozo
[WATCH] Silvio Schembri insists Malta is leading the pack in the new economy sector
Parliamentary Secretary Silvio Schembri says the country’s...
[WATCH] Adrian Delia will give verdict on Gozo tunnel only when all reports are out
The PN leader says that his previous legal experience in the financial...
MDA condemns illegal dumping of construction waste
The developers association said that it will be working closely with the...
[WATCH] PN leader excludes any form of coalition with other parties
Opposition leader Adrian Delia warns of consequences from government’s...
74-year-old stabbed in Gharghur alley
Court & Police
According to the police, he was stabbed by a 58-year-old who has been held for...
[WATCH] A new breed of old Bobby on the beat in Mellieha
A new police unit is testing the ground and building closer ties with the...