Karl Azzopardi is an IGM press awards (Human Stories) winner of 2019

David Casa calls for president to fast-forward PM’s resignation
‘Do not let history look back at your tenure and judge the situation as...
Connections to Marsa-Hamrun bypass to receive €2.25 million upgrade
The project will see improved connections to nearby localities including...
Family of slain journalist seeks Nadine Lia’s abstention from Yorgen Fenech case
Caruana Galizia family says Magistrate Nadine Lia should abstain from...
[WATCH] Clifton Grima and Karol Aquilina come to blows
The MPs were filmed shoving each other, before people calmed the situation down
[WATCH] Nationalist MPs walk out of Parliament and will continue doing so as long as Muscat stays on
Fake bank notes were flung in the air inside Parliament following the...
Labour Party activists launch unofficial event in support of outgoing Prime Minister
Party officials have said that the event was not organized by the party and...
Protest in Valletta: As PM holds on to power, thousands demand his resignation
Hours after Labour MPs gave the Prime Minister the final say on a way out,...
[WATCH] Adrian Delia calls out Labour MPs for choosing to protect Joseph Muscat
The Opposition leader reiterates call for Joseph Muscat's immediate...