Karl Azzopardi is an IGM press awards (Human Stories) winner of 2019

[WATCH] Benchmark exams at the end of primary school to be phased out
Education Ministry proposes 25 measures which aim to improve the assessment of...
[WATCH] Miżieb wildfire leads to management plan for the vast reserve
An analysis report concluded that 180,000 sq.m. of woodland were...
[WATCH] A new political journey for Kevin Cutajar
Gozitan MP Kevin Cutajar is no newcomer to politics but inside the House he is...
Mums are cross as midwives send men home in union action
Nurses union boss defends directives issued by midwives over rostering dispute
Elderly man hospitalised following collision with parked cement mixer
Court & Police
The crash happened around 11:30 am on Saturday in Tower Road, Sliema 
[WATCH] Global centre for climate-friendly travel research to be set up in Malta
Tourism Minister Konrad Mizzi said Malta wanted to be a trailblazer in efforts...
[WATCH] We took Adrian Delia out to ask people how to resolve his PN problem
Do the people love Adrian Delia more than his own MPs? We were in Valletta...
Gwardamanga families to be provided with temporary accommodation
Four apartments will be provided to the families who were struck by the...