[WATCH] MDA signs memorandum of understanding with Sicilian developers association
Business News
A cooperative agreement between the Malta Developers Association and ANCE...
[WATCH] Bormla’s young rowers hope to rekindle the regatta spark
The annual regatta boat races will be held on 8 September and Karl Azzopardi...
[WATCH] Medical clinics in entertainment hotspots could send wrong message
With more than 20 years’ experience...
GreenPak hits out at Green MT for plans to charge local councils for recycled waste collection
The cooperative was reacting to media reports which claimed that more than half...
[WATCH] 150,000 organic bins to be distributed nationwide
Every family in Malta and Gozo will be receiving the organic bins, in a bid by...
A false alarm: Maltese parents are scared of the foreign child-snatcher
Some people are devoting energy to a rare phenomenon, in reaction to the rapid...
Archdiocese registers drop in net surplus for 2017
The decline was due to an increase in workers which helped the church to...
[WATCH] ‘Each year I see the lampuka catch decline. Only the price of fish keeps us going’
Lampuka season, ahoy! Fishermen gear up for weeks of hard work to reel in...

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