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Gżira PN club will be demolished to make way for studio apartments
The Nationalist Party will shortly lose its presence in the Gżira community...
MaltaToday Survey | No change in Malta’s anti-abortion attitudes
Data & Surveys
The second survey in 17 months dealing with abortion finds little has changed...
Michelle Muscat completes longest charity swim yet
The Prime Minister’s wife rounded off Malta’s ‘tail’ in...
[WATCH] Government planning for the future in the housing sector, Roderick Galdes insists
Housing Parliamentary Secretary Roderick Galdes and Opposition spokesperson...
[WATCH] Public inquiry into Daphne Caruana Galizia murder within three months – Foreign Minister
Carmelo Abela tells a conference in London the government will abide by the...
Electricity demand peaked at record 510MW
Unconnected power cuts caused by problems to distribution system, Enemalta says
MZPN v Team Start: officials from PN’s two youth groups trade insults
From 'handbags' to 'keychains', it only gets worse for the...
Malta’s climate in 2050 will be like Tel Aviv
If you think the summer is hot, brace yourself because in 30 years’ time...