Kurt Sansone is Online Editor of www.maltatoday.com.mt. He was formerly deputy editor of MaltaToday on Sunday and later editor of Illum, before joining The Times of Malta.

Unemployment in Malta rises amid COVID-19 crash
The number of jobless jumped up by more than 350 in March, National Statistics...
Health authorities worried about people not turning up for COVID-19 tests
A worrying trend of people not turning up at swabbing centres for coronavirus...
[WATCH] Opposition presents motion to have hospitals privatisation deal cancelled
Adrian Delia expects government MPs ‘who love their country’ to...
Monaco Telecom appoints Juanito Camilleri as non-executive chairman of Vodafone Malta
Business News
Former university rector Juanito Camilleri returns to the telecommunications...
Pilots file judicial protest to stop Air Malta from terminating their employment
Court & Police
In a bid to halt collective redundancies of Air Malta pilots, the Airline...
Customs bust: TVs instead of monitors, ACs instead of generators
Customs officials have seized three containers with falsely declared items...
Chris Fearne’s handling of coronavirus crisis earns him top marks
Data & Surveys
MaltaToday Survey • Deputy Prime Minister receives high marks from...
MaltaToday Survey | Coronavirus: Malta braced for restrictions to stay until end of summer
Data & Surveys
73.6% believe restrictions are ‘just right’