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Muscat keeps up pressure on Enemalta scandal correspondence
Elections 2013
Labour leader Joseph Muscat keeps up pressure on Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi and Minister Austin Gatt over Trafigura/Enemalta commissions scandal correspondence.
‘I did nothing wrong’ – Abela defends involvement in recording
Elections 2013
Labour deputy leader Toni Abela defends involvement in recorded statement suggesting he requested police not to press charges in PL party club dispute, says he did ‘nothing...
Government defends discriminatory Arriva bus fares
Muscat calls on Gonzi and Gatt to clarify Gatt’s involvement in Enemalta scandal
Cassar evasive on ‘free’ medicine refund system
Elections 2013
[WATCH] Maltese bishops thank Pope Benedict for contribution to Church
GWU to sue Simon Busuttil for libel
Elections 2013
Muscat pledges to implement proposals ‘within budget and on time’
837 proposals in Labour’s programme
Elections 2013
Vince Cassar | High time to discuss restructuring development industry
Party financing debate persists during Bondiplus
Elections 2013
Updated | Gonzi dodges questions on withholding of donor names
Elections 2013
Busuttil and Abela go head-to-head over Anglu Farrugia statements
PL to approve electoral programme on Wednesday
Elections 2013