Raisa Galea is editor of Isles of the Left and a researcher at the University of Malta. She is a tireless explorer of Maltese society.

The grim legacy of 90s Russia and Putin’s rise
Considering that the country is ‘back to the 90s’, albeit without...
The deception that bowing to crooks in power guarantees our safety
Malta, before and after Yorgen Fenech’s arrest, and three years after the...
Queues and empty shelves reveal our fear of an uncertain future
Deep down, everyone who was filling up trolleys with basic goods harboured no...
Abortion debate: Between progress, Catholic morality and patriarchy
Upholding Malta’s abortion ban is a way of asserting national moral...
Foreign workers: scapegoats for environmental degradation in Malta
Shifting responsibility for the dire situation in the construction sector onto...
[ANALYSIS] Daphne Caruana Galizia: Hero abroad, an enemy at home
The real, complex, and polarised legacy of Daphne Caruana Galizia: to grasp the...
The true cause of low wages? Hint: it’s not foreign workers
To find out more about the state of solidarity between workers of different...
Would a universal basic income in Malta work?
Brace yourself for the AI revolution: what will happen when your job becomes...
‘The stigma of abortion traumatised me as much as the procedure itself’
I met Samantha* to talk about the experience she passed through more than a...
Living up to expectations? | Jason Micallef
As chairman of the Valletta 2018 Foundation, Jason Micallef has courted trouble...
Delia’s PN is an anticipated reaction to Labour’s neoliberalism
Foreign nationals are portrayed in a troubling manner by Muscat himself, who...
Maltese festa enthusiasts and their battle for open space
LONG READ | 1,224 words: Solidarity and community organising enabled festa...
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