Yannick joined MaltaToday as a journalist in 2016. His main areas of interest are politics, social policy, science and anything involving numbers and graphs. He graduated from the University of Malta with a B.Sc. in Chemistry and Biology and holds a Master’s degree in Chemical Biology from the University of Sussex.

[WATCH] V18 boss: Facebook spats are ‘healthy’ for democracy
Valletta 2018
A few days after Jason Micallef's most recent online squabble he said that...
Stitching to finally be staged in Malta, eight years after controversial ban
Cultural Diary
A recent European Court of Human Rights ruling overturned a decision by the...
Man attacked partner after she had been out drinking
Court & Police
Recent changes to domestic violence legislation could see the alleged aggressor...
Man remanded in custody for harassing and threatening wife
Court & Police
He faced almost identical charges earlier this year but was allowed back into...
Foundation for Tomorrow’s Schools administration knew cheques were being given to minister’s former canvasser Edward Caruana
Court & Police
The compilation of evidence against former FTS official Edward Caruana who...
Keith Schembri, Konrad Mizzi libel cases deferred after court accepts to postpone their testimony
Court & Police
Lawyers representing Keith Schembri and Konrad Mizzi requested that their...
Foreign minister admits government employees did work on his Żejtun home
Carmelo Abela said however that the work was done over the weekend and that...
[WATCH] Adrian Delia insists government has betrayed country’s workers
The Nationalist Party leader said the number of people struggling to make ends...
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