Yannick joined MaltaToday as a journalist in 2016. His main areas of interest are politics, social policy, science and anything involving numbers and graphs. He graduated from the University of Malta with a B.Sc. in Chemistry and Biology and holds a Master’s degree in Chemical Biology from the University of Sussex.

Over 400 third country nationals deported in 2017
Home Affairs minister Michael Farrugia was answering a parliamentary question...
Minister asked bizarre question on number of photocopies made since 2013
Opposition MP David Stellini asked Foreign Affairs minister Carmelo Abela for...
Sparks fly as government MPs question Beppe Fenech Adami’s legitimacy to chair PAC
Opposition MPs who featured in email cache soliciting jobs for constituents at...
Medicinal cannabis giant Nuuvera acquires Malta pharma company
ASG Pharma in Malta is expected to be one of Nuuvera’s hubs for the...
Seven companies express interest in fast ferry service
The majority of the companies were foreign, the Gozo ministry said
2,245 prosecuted for smoking in prohibited public spaces in 2017
Home affairs minister Michael Farrugia was responding to series of questions...
Prime Minister invites Opposition to nominate member to Brexit taskforce
Muscat emphasised that the taskforce was not a political one but accepted that...
Maltese restaurant Scoglitti among list of companies hit by US fuel smuggling sanctions
Scoglitti restaurant is one of several companies that belong to former national...
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