EY Malta announce ‘groundbreaking’ virtual event on Malta's post-COVID future

EY’s Annual Attractiveness conference will be reimagined in a virtual format in an event planned for October

This year’s edition of what was previously known as the EY Annual Attractiveness Event will take place in a “groundbreaking” virtual format over four days in October and will be open to all.

The event, named the Future Realised Week, is intended to trigger new ideas, challenge perspectives and explore different possibilities for Malta post-COVID-19, EY said.

During the event, the results of the Malta Attractiveness Survey - an annual study conducted among existing FDI companies in Malta - will be expounded and will outline current investors’ sentiments on the impact of the COVID-19 crisis, Malta’s strengths, weaknesses and where the Island should be focusing its efforts, EY said.

The event is well-known amongst private and public sector leaders, annually bringing together over 1,000 CEOs, entrepreneurs and investors to discuss foreign direct investment (FDI), business and technology.

The virtual format will enable a more global forum, EY underscored.

Speakers from all over the world will provide insights and local speakers will also provide their views on the challenges and opportunities being faced at both country and corporate level.

Throughout the discussions, participants will assess the benefit of focusing on long-term value. There will also be an opportunity to discuss the challenges which companies face in surviving and prospering in the short-term particularly after the pandemic whilst adopting more sustainable practices, modern technology and a people first approach.

“As businesses deal with the immediate impact of COVID-19, ensuring employees are as safe and securing financial sustainability, we also need to begin contemplating the action needed for Malta to thrive in the long-term,” EY said.

“We needed to re-dimension a national event which acts as a measure for Malta’s investment attractiveness and a forum for real discussion across various sectors. This year’s focus will place extra emphasis on exploring the possibilities post-crisis for Malta to thrive despite its inherent insularity in a world, which is more connected remotely,” EY country managing partner Ronald Attard said.

“We also want to take the opportunity to explore the benefits of pursuing sustainable and longer-term value goals. We’re proud to announce a fully virtual Future Realised Week, bringing together the greatest minds from Malta and even all over the world. Expect the typical innovative insights from our survey and speakers that past events would include but expect some surprises too.”

Future Realised Week will take place between 20 to 23 October, 2020. Anyone wanting more information and or looking to register can visit ey.com/en_mt/events/future-realised-malta-2020-, or email [email protected] for further queries.