Bolt starts independent Maltese operations away from TXF Tech

Bolt breaks away from business partner to pursue independent operations in Malta

Mobility company Bolt will be operating in Malta independently through its group companies after its partnership agreement with TXF Tech ended in March this year.

The decision comes as the company intends on strengthening its position in Malta, both through operational changes and by offering new additions to Bolt’s services locally.

“It has always been the plan to transition partner markets to regular markets operated by Bolt at some point. With the help of our trusted local partner TXF Tech, Bolt has reached a leading position in the market,” said GJ Kistemaker, Global Head of Franchise & Partner Markets at Bolt.

TXF Tech CEO Klas Johansson said that the company is happy to have partnered with Bolt. “The journey from first introducing Bolt's services to becoming a market leader was a great experience. We trust that with Bolt's further focus and investments in Malta, the team will be able to provide the most compelling service to our drivers, couriers and customers,” he said.

TXF Tech was claimed to have been insolvent by Debono Group Holdings, one of its own shareholders. The company sued TXF Tech and TXF Tunisia Holding for €1.6 million, over the non-payment of two constitutions of debt.

Apart from operational changes, the company plans on increasing the number of restaurants on its platform while continuing investment to keep prices low for customers.

The company added that it plans to onboard more drivers, in turn improving driver arrival times and the customer experience.

A drunk-driving prevention feature will be developed in-house to allow for safer scooter rides, and various responsible parking initiatives will be introduced over the next couple of months.

The company further aims to increase its local team headcount to provide better support to customers, partner drivers, restaurants and couriers.