Valletta property owner VBL seeks financial investors for expansion

VBL will start discussions with Malta and international advisors to map out opportunities in bid to introduce new financial investors to shareholder structure

Valletta property owner Valletta Boutique Living has announced a review of its strategic options, in a bid to expnd its core market by raising capital from new financial investors.

VBL said the prospective equity transactions could result in a change to the shareholding structure.

The company said it had started discussions with local and international advisors to map out potential opportunities. “As part of this process, the company will explore and perform a comprehensive evaluation of strategic options and initiatives to unlock and maximise shareholder value going forward. No decision to the selection of specific strategic options has been made so far and there is no certainty if and when such decisions will be made in the future,” the company said.

It said any specific decisions would be announced to the market. “This announcement was made to inform and assure all shareholders that, while the financing of the current development cycle is secured, the company wishes to begin to review the possible strategies and plans for the next development cycle.”

VBL’s market operation is Valletta, where it owns a considerable stock of real estate geared towards the tourism and entertainment market. The company said it will still focus its operations on Valletta and remains involved in the full process of real estate acquisition, integrated real estate development, property management, operations, rental and the occasional disposal of non-strategic properties.

The company listed all of its shares on the Malta Stock Exchange in 2021 and since its IPO, continued to implement its declared expansion along its announced plan. At the time of the IPO, shareholders holding 10% or more of the shares undertook not to transfer their shares for a period of twenty-four months from the date of listing.