GO introduces four-week pregnancy loss leave for employees

GO will be offering its employees four weeks of paid leave in the event of a miscarriage, stillbirth or failed IVF

Telecommunications company GO is introducing paid pregnancy loss leave for its employees, offering women four weeks of paid leave in the event of a pregnancy loss, including stillbirth and failed IVF.

"We fully recognise the impact that pregnancy loss can have on our people, and just as we have offered the necessary and appropriate support in the past, this policy provides a structured offering to our people during such difficult times,” said Sarah Mifsud, Chief People Officer at the company.

“This is just another step forward in providing them the time and space they need to grieve and recover without the added stress of worrying about their financial situation.”

A miscarriage is the loss of pregnancy before the 23rd week. It is fairly common, with around 10-15% of pregnancies ending in miscarriage.

GO's policy is part of its existing well-being programme that supports employees in balancing their work and family life. The company said it is committed to promoting a diverse and inclusive workplace, where all employees are valued and supported.

The new policy supports the impacted employee but also has measures in place to help the individual transition back to work. GO said the management team is adequately trained to deal with such situations.