Innovative time-tracking and scheduling system that drastically improves workflows

How Talexio founder Mark Camilleri Gambin and his team created a groundbreaking time and attendance software to improve organisational workflows

From scheduling to collecting time logs, time and attendance is, by nature, a long and tedious process. Many individuals still use spreadsheets to get the job done, probably because they have been let down by other, more complex and less flexible software.

The crux of the problem typically surfaces when reaching the end of a payroll cycle: whether it’s the head of a department who’s too busy to review and submit records on time, or data discrepancies. During this critical juncture, one needs some structure and automation to step in and make life simpler.

In our efforts to make Payroll faster and easier, we asked individuals: what are your main pain points, tedious tasks or biggest time wasters? Time-tracking was a prevalent answer. We dug deeper and discovered that solving this problem would benefit every employee involved in logging, tracking, approving, and scheduling time, and not just payroll or HR executives.

And so, we put on our problem solver hats, pulled up our sleeves and set about simplifying all aspects of the time tracking workflow. We first conducted a thorough analysis of the available systems and looked into what the market was offering and how they failed to meet the users’ needs. More importantly, it has also paid off to depart from the status quo, think out of the box and redesign the whole process with a fresh and novel outlook, while always keeping the end-users and their needs in mind.

Several months later, Talexio began sporting what users describe as a beautiful and highly functional time tracking module – it looks good, is easy to use and provides insights that other software packages fail to offer.

Collecting time logs with physical and virtual punch clocks

At the very least, a Time and Attendance solution needs to allow employees to record and track their timings. While many have shifted to online tracking, others still rely on physical devices. We aimed to cater for both of these needs while eliminating any risks from contact-based punch clocks.

With their state-of-the-art face and palm reading technology, our punch clocks remove users’ need to touch any device. Users can clock-in just by waving their hand from a meter away. That, along with our proprietary Device Manager software, allows companies to synchronise their users automatically across a network of devices from various work locations. Forget about manually extracting records from your devices – with Talexio all entries are uploaded automatically into your account.

If you switch over to a virtual punch clock, you can collect your remote or on-site users’ geographical location directly from their phone or desktop computer with Talexio’s geofencing capability.

Creating a working schedule and approve clockings easily

It’s challenging to rival against flexible software such as Microsoft Excel, especially since many users have been using this software successfully for many years. As we were designing our Scheduler, we made it our goal to learn from, and adequately mirror this traditional and robust method’s benefits.

The Talexio Scheduler lets you create schedules, copy-paste information just like you would in a spreadsheet, or even import the whole thing directly from your trusted Excel. Talexio will not disrupt your flow; it will complement your practices with various intelligent automations.

For example, if your team works around predefined patterns, you can generate schedules automatically with Talexio. Once you’re satisfied with the created schedule, you can send it to the relevant employees with just a click of a button.

As a Manager, you will find all the relevant information from your department, pre-organised and annotated, on your Talexio dashboard. Talexio converts punch-clock timings into distinct time logs and will link them to the appropriate shifts or time slots. The user interface plays a fundamental part in making all this data easy to digest, actionable and refined.

Taking things to the next level

Talexio aims to provide users with an excellent user experience. Approved time logs are automatically available in your next payroll cycle, with any necessary imports or exports. Not to mention, our unrivalled forecasting reports detail the spend for upcoming weeks by work location, department, or cost centre.

And we’re just getting started – we’re deeply committed to our users and clients, and look forward to creating future innovations that will continue improving their time-tracking workflow. Ultimately, our users’ satisfaction is how we measure growth and success. Start your free trial or learn more by clicking here.