80% of out time is spent in the workplace: new technology can benefit workers

Here's how the use of new technology can benefit workers

From the age of the first industrial revolution to the modern-day, technology has always affected how we work. To a great extent, technological advancements have improved the way we carry out our jobs for the better. 

Today, advanced industrial and computer technology developments have streamlined the way companies and individuals handle different operations. Automation, for instance, has eliminated unnecessary, tedious, and wasteful processes. Productivity and efficiency have improved, and the workplace has become more enjoyable.   

How can new technology in production work to the advantage of workers?

We spend 80% of our time in the workplace, and therefore, a healthy job environment is most important to a worker. Incorporating worker-oriented technology in companies is one way that business owners can promote professionalism in a work environment. 

If used well, technology can work to the advantage of workers, thereby increasing their productivity. Increased worker productivity translates into improved business revenue. Here are some of the ways that the use of new technology in industry can benefit workers.   

Technology makes work simpler and faster

With the right computer, appropriate software, and a comfortable work desk, work becomes more uncomplicated and effortless. Computers can store and process large amounts of data without having to move physical files and cabinets. With most data stored on computers, it is possible to retrieve any file, however old, within a few seconds. All you need is the correct folder or the right search word, and your file pops out. 

With modern computers and software, workers are now more productive. Manufacturing and processing are faster due to the automation of some processes. For instance, workers need not physically measure amounts of ingredients, temperatures, and so on in the production process.   

Boosts efficiency and accuracy

The use of technology in the workplace has taken efficiency and accuracy to a whole new level. For instance, leading online gaming companies are the epitome of efficiency and accuracy thanks to incorporating computer and artificial intelligence technology in their operations. Machines do all the work as you play your favorite game.

A task that could have probably taken a few days for workers to do manually takes a few minutes with modern technology. Messages and emails can be sent to clients throughout the world at the click of a button, while payments and proposals are processed instantly.   

Promotes teamwork

Working together has never been easier thanks to technology. The emergence of online communication tools has made working remotely possible. Moreover, online work platforms have made team coordination easier than ever. The teams can also hold meetings, do video-conferencing, or even work with shared documents and resources using tools like Google Drive.   

Companies can also use workplace organization tools like Basecamp to track the progress of different teams on projects of interest. Businesses can take advantage of customer-relationship software like Salesforce to track conversions with leads and funnel sales at one go. Automation of follow-ups using AI mailing tools has made work more accessible and more straightforward for marketing and customer care departments.   

Boosts workers' innovation and creativity

Nothing accelerates creativity more than technology. Every day, workers find new challenges with their jobs, and these small or big problems trigger them to think outside the box. 

For instance, people in the marketing department may want to reach out to as many potential clients as possible. Consequently, they might come up with an ingenious way to convert social media into a brand promotion tool.   

Undeniably, technology is indispensable in the modern workplace. The use of computers and other intelligent machines is an inseparable element of the office environment. Therefore, managers and workers should join hands and make their work environments more enjoyable by incorporating technology to benefit everyone.