Malta and iGaming: the successful ecosystem based on partnerships

Partnerships have always been a key pillar of Malta's iGaming sector - we take a look at the synergy that built the industry

Inside the iGaming sector, partnerships stand out as a key strategic lever to increase brand awareness and consolidate a company's presence in the sector. This industry, characterised by intense competition between gaming operators and constant technological evolution, has always found in Malta an epicentre of growth and innovation, due to its favourable legislation and a dynamic entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Partnerships in the iGaming industry are not limited to the simple sharing of resources, but they also extend to the creation of synergies that can boost a brand's visibility significantly, whether at events or on the Net. Through strategic alliances, gaming operators and software houses can access new markets, as well as benefit from all the latest technologies and offer an enhanced user experience – all key factors that contribute to increased brand recognition among consumers.

Malta, famous in the gaming industry for the work carried out by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), is positioned as a leading international hub, able to attract companies looking for a trustworthy jurisdiction and a stimulating business environment. The presence of a clear regulatory framework and a state-of-the-art technological infrastructure makes the island a perfect breeding ground for international partnerships. According to recent data, the iGaming sector contributes significantly to the Maltese economy, accounting for around 12% of the country's GDP.  

Other statistics also demonstrate the effectiveness of partnerships in the industry. A report published by iGaming Business highlights how partnerships between software providers and gaming operators can increase a brand's visibility by up to 30 per cent. In addition, joint marketing campaigns and sponsorship agreements have been shown to raise brand awareness in ways that would be unimaginable for an entity acting alone.

An emblematic case of success derived from strategic partnerships is represented by the partnerships between online casinos, affiliate sites and gaming providers, which enhance the gaming offer and attract a wider audience. These synergies not only increase the variety and quality of the gaming experience, but also help build a reputation of excellence and reliability for the brands involved. An example comes from QuiGioco of the Novomatic group, which recently established a partnership with Kensho Media. This new collaboration represents a virtuous example of synergy with a platform that ensures brand visibility and a regulated environment, while maintaining high standards of security and compliance.

Overall, Malta is a first-hand testimony that partnerships in the iGaming sector represent an invaluable opportunity to amplify brand awareness and strengthen market position. The island, with its favourable environment and leading position in the industry, offers an ideal environment for the development of such partnerships. Stats and alliances signed over the past 20 years confirm that strategic synergies not only increase a brand's visibility, but also enhance its sustainable growth, underlining the importance of these trade partnerships for success in the dynamic world of iGaming.