Scheduit: The business networking revolution

Beta testing during Malta’s RC44 Valletta Cup

Scheduit is a brand new web-based app that helps you set up meetings with compatible business matches.

It is the only business networking app on the market that uses an algorithim to measure compatibility between users.

Scheduit promises to revolutionise business networking by helping users set up fruitful business meetings wherever they are in the world.

It’s simple: announce your presence, find someone compatible, schedule a meeting. It’s like online dating, but for business.

The app was launched in beta this week and is being tested during the RC44 Valletta Cup, a huge sailing event being held in Malta where the app founders are based.

Scheduit is especially useful for business travellers who want to maximise the potential of their time abroad instead of wasting time in their hotel room or leaving it to chance about who they’ll meet.

Scheduit uses your work-related data (such as your LinkedIn profile) to help you match with other professionals who have similar work interests and are available at the same time and place.