Clarification on letters published 3 July 2016

An appreciation for a former UHM official carried the wrong surname

An appreciation published on page 26 of MaltaToday’s 4 July 2016 issued mistakenly referred to Eric Sollars as Eric Serracino.

The error is regretted.

Mr Serracino was a dedicated public official who worked at the Office of the Prime Minister and who passed away suddenly at the age of 51.

Serracino was described as a very meticulous person, very capable and willing to listen, “the kind of civil servant that one enjoys working with. He was a person with integrity, as one should be,” former UHM president Gejtu Tanti said.

MaltaToday apologises for the error and offers condolences to Eric Serracino’s family, his wife Mireille and his son Paul.