Renewable energy investors invited to bid for large-scale projects

Private investors will submit offers for medium-to-large projects aiming at a total national generation of 31MW in renewable energy

Energy minister Miriam Dalli
Energy minister Miriam Dalli

Private investors of renewable energy will be able to submit bidding offers for projects with a total energy generation of 31MW.

The investment to be generated is of €50 million over 20 years, corresponding to a lifetime feed-in tariff, energy minister Miriam Dalli said.

In the largest package to date issued for renewable energy generation capacities, investors are being invited to submit their proposals for all forms of renewable energy capacities, ranging between 40 kiloWattPower up to 1MWP, with a total generation of 31MW. It will be split across 10 calls, allowing both medium and large investors the opportunity to submit their offers.

“We are being ambitious as this is the biggest allocation we have given so far. The new scheme has been designed following a series of consultations with stakeholders, re-designing it in a way that attracts those investors who are serious about investment in renewable energy,” Dalli said. “The schemes were also re-aligned to meet EU regulations.”

A 12-month period has been allocated, allowing investors to submit their offers. Details of the scheme will be published in the Government Gazette next week, together with the invitation to bid. This will allow prospective investors to be aware of the pre-established dates for the submission of bids for each scheduled call.

In the first batch of five calls, bidders will be invited to submit proposals for renewable energy generation capacities from 40kW up to 200kW. These will be split in five bundles, with the first call allocating 2MW, and the rest an allocation of 1MW each.

 In the second batch of five calls, bidders will be invited to submit proposal for renewable energy generation capacities from 200KW to 1MW. Five calls will be issued, with an allocation of 5MW respectively.

To provide further clarification on any technical queries that may arise, the Regulator for Energy and Water (REWS) will also be organising a meeting for potential bidders on 9 June.

 Dalli said the scheme alone atrgets four Sustainable Development Goals for affordable and clean energy, innovative technology, responsible use of natural resources, and climate action.

 Present for the launch were representatives of the Chamber of Commerce, the Chamber of SMEs and the Malta Developers’ Association.