No responsibilities yet for Sant’Antnin fires

In the wake of the huge blaze, GreenPak had announced that it was increasing the frequency of emptying bring in sites

Recycled waste is still processed at Ghallis
Recycled waste is still processed at Ghallis

Three months after a major fire destroyed part of the Sant’Antnin recycling plant grey and green bags are still being processed at the Malta North plant in Ghallis, according to a ministry spokesperson.

Moreover investigations are still ongoing and no reports have been concluded to establish any responsibilities for the outbreak.

Neither has WasteServ established the cause of the fires or taken any disciplinary procedures against anyone who may have been negligent on the day.

“The investigation is still ongoing and to date there are no conclusive reports,” a spokesperson for Environment Minister Jose Herrera told MaltaToday.

But following the incident WasteServ has carried out further risk assessments on all of its facilities and has ramped up its firefighting capacity.

The Sant’Antnin Waste Treatment Plant is divided into two plants: an MRF (Materials Recycling Facility) for the treatment of the Grey / Green bag for recyclables and an MBT (Mechanical and Biological Treatment Plant) for the treatment of the black bag for the extraction of organic matter.

The fire completely destroyed the MRF but not the MBT, which is still fully functioning.

Although smaller the MRF plant in Ghallis plant is more modern and efficient than the one in Marsasakala. To keep up with the increased load workers at Ghallis had to work longer hours.

Contacted by MaltaToday GreenPak chief executive Mario Schembri confirmed that the collection of recycled waste has continued as before.  Schembri also reiterated his appeal to the public to use bring in sites to deposit their recyclable waste instead of the green or grey bag.

In the wake of the huge blaze GreenPak had announced that it was increasing the frequency of emptying bring in sites.

GreenPak is calling on the public to separate glass, plastic, paper and metal by using the respective color-coded and marked bins at bring-in-sites.

“This will serve to help alleviate the need for mechanical sorting that was carried out at the Sant’Antnin facility.”

A magisterial inquiry was opened on the day of the accident to verify whether the cause of the blaze was accidental.

During the electoral campaign, which coincided with the fires, the PL pledged to relocate the Sant’Antnin plant to Maghtab.

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