Gzira duck village razed to the ground over unsanitary conditions

Animal Liberation Malta welcomes decision to close down the duck village, alleging the owner of the place used to make business by selling off the animals 

The duck village being dismantled (Photos: Animal Liberation Malta)
The duck village being dismantled (Photos: Animal Liberation Malta)

The duck village on Manoel Island has been dismantled on Friday, after a decision by the Gzira local council.

The village was home to various animals, including ducks, pigeons, cats, guinea pigs, rabbits and geese. The place had been deteriorating for quite some time and was infamous for its foul smell and for being a dumping site for many unwanted animals.

Activists had been calling for the village to be closed down due to the poor conditions that the animals were living in.

Animal Liberation Malta called it a "memorable day" and thanked the Gzira council for taking this decision. It said that its members managed to save many animals from the place, including five guinea pigs and seven chickens.

"We have saved many animals from this filthy, unsanitary and unkept dumpsite over the years by jumping over the fence at night as it was the only way. Some animals died in our hands, despite doing our best to save them, while others received medical care and were rehomed," said the NGO. “The place was riddled with parasites.”

A spokesperson from the NGO, Leila Scott, said that the ducks “will be fine” and can still roam around the place freely, as its by the sea.

She also said that Joe Borg, the person who used to run the place, was not fit to do so and alleged that he used to make business by selling off some of the animals.

Scott also expressed frustration that geese disappeared during the night and appealed to the Animal Welfare for investigations.