[SLIDESHOW] How 610 Manoel Island apartments will change Gzira waterfront views

Our slideshow shows you exactly how views from the Gzira waterfront are set to be radically altered

Big changes ahead...
Big changes ahead...

Views from the Gzira waterfront are set for a drastic makeover as a result of the construction of the 610 new apartments on Manoel Island being proposed by MIDI.

Scientific photomontages published in the newly published Environment Impact Assessment show that while the impact on views from Marsamxett harbour in Valletta are minimal or moderate, people walking along the Gzira promenade will experience a radical change.

The new buildings will effectively obstruct long distance views of Ta’ Xbiex and Msida.

Key contributors to the change in views include the new buildings proposed as part of the Marina Village and the new bridge connection to the mainland and the development of the area presently occupied by the so called ‘Duck Village’ and the Gzira football ground.

Also drastically affected are views from Ta’ Xbiex. From this viewpoint the extent of new construction on the visible southern shore of Manoel Island will effectively obscure all medium- and long-distance views of the Gżira and Sliema front from this location, again with the effect of limiting the depth of the field of view.

The current bridge will be replaced by a new structure.

Presently it consists of two separate barrel-vaulted structures, one dating back to the early 20th century, the other constructed after World War Two. The EIA ascribes a “certain merit” in the way the bridge has been constructed and describes it as a “valued landmark” for “local society”. The EIA consultants suggest that the bridge should be dismantled and rebuilt in another location.

The current proposal involves an increase in the number of residential units but a decrease of 8,000 sq.m in the total gross floor area of the project when compared to the 1999-approved masterplan.

The project now includes 610 residential apartments, a 5-star hotel located in the Lazzaretto complex, an 8,449 sq.m retail complex, a marina for 183 berths and 3,695 sq.m allocated for sports facilities.

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