Air Malta: Israel denies entry to flyers who visited coronavirus hotspots

Air Malta advised its passengers flying to Tel Aviv that Israel will not allow entry to passengers within 14 days of having been in coronavirus-risk countries

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File photo

Passengers who will be flying to Israel before the lapse of the 14-day incubation period after their visit to coronavirus-afflicted countries will not be allowed entry to Israel.

In a statement on its Facebook portal, Air Malta advised its clients that passengers using the airline's service should be aware of Israel's protocol.

"Air Malta would like to advise its passengers travelling on its service to Tel Aviv that, as advised by the Population and Immigration Authority of Israel, every passenger who was in the following countries during the 14-day person period preceding their date to travel to Israel, will be denied entry to Israel," the statement read, and the airline listed the 17 countries in question.

China, Macao, Singapore, Thailand, Hong-Kong, South Korea, Japan, Iran, Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, Italy, Austrian, Germany, Spain, France, Switzerland are the countries listed. 

The restriction does not apply to nationals and residents of Israel.