Closure of Catania airport affects Air Malta flights

Air Malta announces forced transfer operations to Signoella airport and cancel some services on certain dates.

The closure of Catania's Fontanarossa airport from the 5th November till 5th December due to infrastructural works being carried on the city's airport runway, will be affecting Air Malta's flights to this airport.

Due to this closure and the limited capacity at Sigonella airport, which can handle a maximun of four arrivals/departures per hour, Air Malta was forced to transfer its operations to Sigonella airport and cancel some services on certain dates.

Air Malta issued the following revised flight schedule for this period.

Sigonella is a military airbase and passengers must not go to this airport. Check-in for Air Malta's flights to Malta will still be done at Catania's Airport and will open 3 hours prior the schedule time of departure. Check- in will close 90 minutes prior schedule time of departure. Checked in passengers will then be taken by coach to Sigonella's airport.

Passengers arriving to Sigonella's airport from Malta will be transferred by coach to Catania's airport and will pick their luggage from this airport.

Air Malta is contacting passengers booked on these flights advising them of the changes and offering them alternatives. Passengers with confirmed reservations and in possession of an issued ticket for flights affected by the cancellation can choose between one of the following options: free date change in the same booking class of service for another date until 15th March 2013 or full refund of tickets affected by the above flight disruptions.

Air Malta regrets any inconvenience caused to its passengers due to circumstance beyond its control.

More information can be obtained by calling 356 2166 2211, Air Malta sales offices or by visiting Air Malta's website

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