Gozo students’ group see budget as generally positive, some complaints

The group welcome fibre optic cable and tunnels measures, criticised lack of fast ferry and rent proposals

Gozo students say an underwater tunnel would make their lives easier
Gozo students say an underwater tunnel would make their lives easier

In its reaction to the 2018 budget, the Gozo University Group (GUG), which represents Gozitan students, called the budgetary proposals “excellent”, and once which would “ensure our islands’ economic stability”.

The GUG lauded the announcement that a second fibre optic cable between Malta and Gozo would be placed in the next year. “This project will be a backup for the main cable which connects Gozo to the mainland,” it said, “this has been one of the group’s aim for a long time”.

It also noted that studies of the geological make of the seabed beneath the Gozo channel were being undertaken, and said that this would allow Gozitan workers and students to travel to and from Malta with greater ease.

The group however expressed its disappointment that a fast ferry service, which was proposed last year, was not mentioned.  “This service would have made crossing a bit easier and despite it being mentioned in the 2017 budget, it was never realised and so students wait eagerly for news on the matter,” it said.

It also lamented the fact that the issue of rent in Malta for Gozitan students was not tackled.

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