Tunnel, ferry and helicopter: all needed for Gozitan business

Gozo Business Chamber wants maximum connectiveness for sister island

The Gozo Business Chamber has called on the government to continue its project for a subsea tunnel between Gozo and Malta, as part of its Budget 2020 proposals.

The Chamber proposed that the waste generated by this project should be used for the enlargement of the berthing facilities in Mġarr, Gozo.

“This project however should be accompanied by a holistic plan ensuring the sustainable development of the island of Gozo, such as for example that the green belts between localities are retained, and that the unique character of each locality is preserved,” the Chamber said.

But it still said the fourth ferry should stay on a permanent basis. “Solutions for commercial operators however should also be envisaged. This may include the introduction of a pre-booking system for commercial operators on trips dedicated only to commercial vehicles. This would offer commercial operators the opportunity to better plan their transportation activities between the two islands. The Chamber also notes that more dedicated services for commercial operators may need to be considered.”

The Chamber also said it wanted a fast ferry service as well as a helicopter service, with a schedule aligned to all major flights, and with pricing that does not discourage usage.

The GBC also said that Gozitan building zones should not be extended. “Outside Development Zones (ODZ) in Gozo should not be touched. Accessibility needs to be accompanied by a sustainable development approach.”

The GBC said it wanted better parking facilities to serve Gozo’s retail facilities in Victoria, accompanied by a holistic traffic management plan. “An underground multi-storey parking facility for Victoria should be considered.”

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