New power station ‘albatross round taxpayers’ neck’ – Bonnici

Opposition’s spokesperson for the environment says ‘no long-term vision’ on renewable energy

The new power station will be an "albatross round the taxpayers' neck", according to the Opposition's spokesperson for the environment Charlò Bonnici. He also hit out at the government for the apparent failure to produce a long-term vision on renewable energy.

Bonnici said government's energy plan was never subjected to a strategic environmental assessment, in blatant breach of EU environment regulations.

"Contrary to what government said, such a project should have been based on a plan and not on the electoral programme," he said, adding that the agreement had been signed before the environment impact assessment had been completed.

According to Bonnici, the new power station's process had been vitiated.

The MP said there were no incentives in the energy plan to generate clean energy, given the power purchase agreement was set at 200MW. "How is government looking beyond conventional energy? By mid-September it should have published a draft plan on clean energy. But to this day we have nothing."

"One cannot but help notice the lack of a long-term vision on renewable energy," he said, urging government to look into the possibility of developing a wind farm off Malta's shores.

He questioned what were government's plans in including energy generated from waste or why it had abandoned the incinerator technology which could be used for refuse derived fuels.

"What studies have been carried out to analyse the impact of the new power station vis-à-vis green economy and green jobs?"

On his part, PN MP Anthony Bezzina said the government should have prioritized the impact the new power station would have on Malta's south region.

For example, he said, government should say whether the permanent berthing of a ship storing gas or the dredging required would affect fishermen in Marsaxlokk.

"The Opposition will not shy away from carrying out the necessary scrutiny to ensure that the health and safety of residents is respected and protected."

I bet the Hon Ciarlo Bonnici does not even know what an albatross looks like let alone compare the albatross round our necks. Could he please explain what long term plans did the PN in Government have for the BWSC power station working on heavy fuel oil. Could it be that the plan was to cause so much health problems to the population that it would result in a massive reduction of our population, thereby reducing their costs, their pensions and above all their lives. For that is exactly what the BWSC represented had it continued to be operated by such contaminants over the long term. That is the legacy that the PN in Government left us, the people of these Islands.
Your wailing will not influence the people Jeremiah.
The more scrutiny you do the better. This government is transparent in what it does and has nothing to hide. The new power station is not going to be an albatross around the government's neck but a feather in its hat.