Pensioner admits to stabbing son's ex-partner

An elderly man, hard of hearing and barely able to walk, receives a suspended sentence after admitting to stabbing his son’s ex-partner

The elderly man went to the woman's house to claim back things he said were his
The elderly man went to the woman's house to claim back things he said were his

Salvu Dalli, 67, from Għaxaq, was accused of attempting to cause grievous bodily harm to his son’s ex-partner when he stabbed her at her home.

Dalli hobbled into Magistrate Nadine Lia’s courtroom, steadying himself with a cane. The man, who also appeared to be hard of hearing, told the court he was a pensioner.  “I don’t even have the strength to walk,” he said.

The court was told that the man’s son’s ex-partner had been holding on to things which he claimed were his. He admitted to going to the woman’s Żejtun home and stabbing her.

The accused looked on as his lawyers Lennox Vella and Marisa Mifsud approached the bench, together with prosecuting inspector Trevor Spiteri, where they discussed the case with the magistrate, out of earshot of the public.

After the brief consultation, the inspector revoked a charge of causing slight injury to the woman.

The accused pleaded guilty to the charges, persisting after the court gave him the opportunity to consult with his lawyer. Asked again what he was pleading, Dalli repeated his confession. 

Finding him guilty of attempted grievous bodily harm, the court jailed Dalli for two years, but suspended the sentence for two years. He was also slapped with a €500 fine. A four-year protection order was issued in favour of the victim.

The court warned the man to stay out of trouble for the next two years. If he bothered the woman again during that time and she went to the police, he would face a fine of thousands, said the magistrate.

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