Man fined after resisting police who stopped him while smoking inside bar

A man has pleaded guilty to disobeying orders and threatening a police officer after he was stopped from smoking in a bar

It is illegal to smoke inside bars and restaurants
It is illegal to smoke inside bars and restaurants

A man has been fined €1,050 after he threatened and resisted a policewoman who caught him smoking inside a St Julian’s nightclub.

Macedonian Nishel Nacev, 27, who resides in St Julians, was arraigned before Magistrate Doreen Clarke, accused of insulting or threatening a policewoman during the execution of her duties, disobeying a legitimate police order and attacking the police officer. He was also accused of smoking inside a place where smoking is prohibited.

Nacev’s lawyer, Charmaine Cherrett, entered a plea of guilt.

In view of the man’s plea, the court found him guilty as charged and fined the man a total of €1,050.

Inspector Joseph Xerri prosecuted.