[WATCH] Rogue truck driver’s rampage in Mellieha causes multiple damages to cars, bus

Havoc in Mellieha as rogue truck driver’s rampage comes to an end with a crash

Rogue truck driver in Mellieha causes havoc

A rogue truck driver caused havoc in Mellieha on Saturday, leaving multiple cars damaged in his wake as he drove his faulty truck cab into streets with little care for ongoing traffic.

Witnesses told MaltaToday the driver started with a hit-and-run at the bottom of the Mellieha hill near the Seabank Hotel, then drove up to Marfa, and turned back.

“He drove back up to Mellieha the wrong way, up through the village, hit multiple cars, including a motorcycle, a car, and ended up smashing a bus… all the way without a front right wheel, which he dropped at Marfa.”

A red pick-up driving in front of him up the hill deliberately tried to slow him down.

“Then he tried to escape from the bus crash by reversing, which did by reversing into the Mellieha Hotel where people attempting to stop him.”

One witness said he chased him from the first hit and finally approached the truck to see what had happened to the driver.“He seemed to be in another world, saliva coming out of his mouth.”

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