Drug addict accused of stealing car batteries remanded in custody

Man steals car batteries but returns them to police station

The man with a drug problem stole two car batteries from the back of a van
The man with a drug problem stole two car batteries from the back of a van

A man with a drug addiction problem who stole two car batteries, only to voluntarily turn himself in to the police that same day, has been remanded in custody. 

The man, whose name cannot be published by order of the court, was accused on Tuesday of having stolen two large batteries which were being kept in an Isuzu van in Santa Venera.

He was also charged with breaching his probation conditions.

The prosecution said that, after receiving a report of the theft on 14 June, the police had identified the accused as the perpetrator through CCTV footage. They had subsequently searched the residence in which he lives with his mother, but had not found him there.

That same evening, the man turned up at the police station, with the batteries in tow.

The accused, clearly emotional and in tears, told the court he had admitted he had done wrong, and that he wished to receive help because he had a drug problem.

He went on to submit a not guilty plea. No request for bail was made.

The defence asked for the prohibition of the man's name in view of the fact that he was suicidal. The prosecution did not object, with the court upholding the request.

The man was remanded in custody.

Magistrate Nadine Lia presided over the case.

Lawyer Graziella Tanti appeared as legal aid.

Inspector Wayne Camilleri prosecuted.