Joseph Brignone girlfriend denies drugs charges

Joseph Brignone’s girlfriend remanded in custody despite pleading not guilty to charges brought against her

Joseph Brignone was arrested in a police raid and his girlfriend is now also facing drug charges
Joseph Brignone was arrested in a police raid and his girlfriend is now also facing drug charges

The girlfriend of a man accused of drugs and weapons offences has pleaded not guilty to aggravated drug possession charges.

Jessica Medina of Zabbar, who was arrested in the same raid as her boyfriend Joseph Brignone, was arraigned this afternoon before magistrate Marseanne Farrugia, charged with aggravated possession of cannabis, cocaine and other psychotropic substances, within 100 metres of a place normally frequented by youths.

The drugs were found in circumstances which denoted that they were not for personal use.

Medina had been arrested in April, on the same day that Brignone and his sister Annalise were detained by the police.

Joseph Brignone, who had been the subject of a police surveillance operation for some time, had been arrested after leading officers on a car chase in the south of Malta.

In his car, police found thousands of euros in cash, cocaine, a synthetic drug, a pistol and a machete.

The police also searched four properties tied to the accused, finding a considerable amount of cannabis ready to be trafficked, objects relating to drug trafficking, more cash and a number of firearms.

Notebooks with names and sums, thought to be a list of amounts owed to Joseph Brignone, were also recovered.

In court this afternoon, Medina pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Magistrate Marseanne Farrugia ordered the woman be remanded in custody.

Inspector Mark Anthony Mercieca prosecuted.

Lawyers Marion Camilleri and Franco Debono were defence counsel.

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