Man charged with repeatedly raping partner of 20 years

Man denied bail after being charged with raping woman, who he had been in long-term relationship with, multiple times

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A man has been denied bail after being charged in court with repeatedly raping a woman who he had been in a relationship with for over twenty years and who lived under the same roof as him.

The man, whose name cannot be published by court order, was also charged with causing the woman to fear violence, harassing her and with, on the night between 22 to 23 June, causing her slight injuries.

He was moreover charged with threatening her and with having, on 24 June, taken or revealed a sexual photo or video of her without her consent and with the intention of causing her moral or psychological harm.

The court denied the defence’s request for bail, and remanded the man in custody.

Lawyer Charmaine Cherrett was defence counsel.

Lawyer Arthur Azzopardi appeared parte civile for the victim.

Inspector Kylie Borg prosecuted.

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