Car chase man violently resisted arrest, attempted to run over police

A 23-year-old was arrested in Mqabba after attempting to injure two policemen who gave chase

The police gave chase after the 23-year-old disobeyed orders to stop
The police gave chase after the 23-year-old disobeyed orders to stop

A 23-year-old man was arrested after attempting to injure two police offciers following a car chase

The incident occurred at 1am when two Rapid Intervention Unit police officers on patrol in the limits of Mqabba, attempted to pull over a vehicle driven by the accused due to excessive speed.

The  police said in a statement on Tuesday that the driver did not stop and instead attempted to crash into the RIU vehicle. It was at this point, the police started chasing the vehicle, but the driver ignored the siren and increased speed.

A while later the police managed to stop the vehicle in Triq il-Belt Valletta and ordered the driver to get out of it immediately.

The accused attempted to escape by running over the police; however one of the RIU policemen managed to detain the driver and pull him out of the car.

The individual did not cooperate and displayed aggressive behaviour, claiming that he had swallowed some illegal substances, the police said.

An ambulance was called on site. Both policemen were treated at the Floriana Health Center and were later certified to have suffered minor injuries. A police investigation is ongoing.