Prolific Hamrun thief jailed for 20 months

The man targeted Hamrun four times, stealing tobacco, mobile phones, cash and a wallet among other items

A thief who targeted Hamrun four times in one month, has been jailed for 20 months after admitting to multiple theft and aggravated theft charges.

Mohamud Caw-Ali Abdikadir, 21, from Somalia shook his head as his sentence was handed down by magistrate Josette Demicoli this afternoon.

Abdikadir had pleaded guilty to stealing tobacco and a mobile phone from a shop in Hamrun on July 18 and 19, stealing a mobile phone, bag, wallet and cash from a parked car in Hamrun on 27 June and, on the same date, robbing an electronics shop in the town.

Prosecuting police inspector Wayne Camilleri insisted on a custodial sentence by the court. Abdikadir’s legal aid lawyer Leontine Calleja reminded the court that the man had cooperated with the police and admitted at the earliest stage of proceedings, amongst other extenuating factors.

He confirmed his guilty plea, when asked again by the court as to what he would be pleading.

Magistrate Demicoli found the man guilty on his own admission and jailed him for 20 months.

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