Man charged with attempted murder over Monday night stabbing in Marsa

A man has been accused of causing grievous injury and carrying a weapon without a police licence

32-year-old Marlon Zarb from St. Paul’s Bay was charged with the attempted murder of Bradley Carabott.

Zarb was arraigned before Magistrate Yana Micallef Stafrace, accused of causing grievous injury and carrying a weapon without a police licence on Monday night in Marsa.

The accused, who told the court that he was a car dealer, pleaded not guilty to charges which included breach of a suspended sentence and disturbing the public peace.

Inspector Andy Rotin told the magistrate how on 12 April, the police received a report of an incident in Marsa. At the scene, officers found Carabott seriously injured, he said, adding that the man was in danger of dying at a point. He told the police that he had been stabbed by Marlon Zarb.

Lawyer Franco Debono asked the Inspector to confirm whether Zarb had turned himself in of his own volition. He had said the inspector. The weapon used was not found. The two men were friends, Rotin explained.

According to the victim, he and the accused would sleep under the same roof and that he would help him by lending him money.

It was an argument over an unrepaid loan that sparked the incident, the court heard.

There was difficulty in ascertaining the accused’s place of residence, the court was told.

The defence said that if the court were to grant bail, he would live in Cospicua. It requested the appointment of an expert to medically examine the accused.

Bail was requested, but the request was rejected due to fears relating to the trustworthiness of the accused. Lawyer Franco Debono was defence counsel.

Lawyers Marion Camilleri and Francesca Zarb were also defence counsel.