Troubled teens handed suspended sentences for stealing sweets

The two young girls were handed suspended sentences after admitting to stealing sweets from vending machines

Two young girls, aged 14 and 16, have been handed suspended sentences and probation orders after they admitted to charges of stealing sweets from vending machines at the care home where they reside.

The girls were arraigned before magistrate Monica Vella on charges of aggravated theft and criminal damage. One of the girls was also accused of breaching a probation order.

They were accused of breaking into vending machines on 25 November last year and 18 May. Sweets were stolen, the police said.

Accompanied by social workers, the girls consulted with legal aid lawyer Mark Mifsud Cutajar before the sitting started.

The court imposed a media ban on the publication of the names of both the accused.

The pair pleaded guilty and apologised for their actions. “The state was giving you the opportunity to build your life up, don’t throw it away,” said the court.

The magistrate said she was giving them another chance and that she hoped they wouldn’t come to court and fail to learn a lesson.

“The Law is merciful with you as you are young. If these things are going to increase you will get closer and closer to prison. You have a choice,” added the magistrate.

Both girls were handed 2 year prison sentences, suspended for 4 years, together with 3 year probation orders. “Start building your future and don’t come here again. I hope I don’t see you again here,” said the court.

Inspector Roderick Attard prosecuted.