Man jailed for using someone else's passport

A man was jailed for six months after pleading guilty to using another person's identification documents 

A man who was arrested at the airport yesterday, on suspicion of having a false passport, has been jailed for six months after pleading guilty to related charges.

Yonas Fitwi Kahasay, 22, from Eritrea appeared before magistrate Claire Stafrace Zammit, charged with using an Italian passport issued to a certain Mouss Abakar which had been transferred to him by someone else.

Kahasay was also accused of making use of another person’s identification documents and with making a false declaration to the Principal Immigration Officer.

The accused pleaded guilty, confirming his plea after being given time to reconsider and being warned that he could face prison if convicted.

Kahasay was sentenced to 6 months in jail.

Inspector Hubert Gerada prosecuted. Lawyer Ramon Bonett Sladden was defence counsel.