Man arrested in Marsa public garden admits to drug charges

The homeless man was carrying five grams of synthetic cannabis

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File Photo

A man has been fined and handed a suspended sentence after admitting to drug possession in a public garden.

Marhawi Tashu Mariam, 27 from Sudan was accused of possession of synthetic cannabis whilst within 100 metres of a place where young people gather.

Magistrate Ian Farrugia heard prosecuting inspector Andy Rotin explain how Mariam, who is homeless, was arrested in a public garden in Marsa yesterday morning.

Some five grams of synthetic cannabis were found in his possession, explained the police inspector.

He was charged with simple possession and with carrying the drug within 100 metres of a place where young people gather.

Mariam pleaded guilty to the charges, after apologising and stating that it wasn’t his intention to endanger anyone.

Asked by the court, the prosecution said it was not insisting on incarceration. The court took note of this but said it could not fail to impose a fine in such cases.

Defence lawyer Simon Micallef Stafrace asked the court to allow his client to pay in instalments due to his financial problems. The court upheld this request.

Mariam was sentenced to two months imprisonment, suspended for a year, together with a €500 fine, payable over the span of one year.