Court shown footage of Vincent Muscat biting other inmate

Vincent Muscat il-Koħħu and Keith Desmond Falzon were charged on Monday over a fight between them in prison

Vince Muscat known as il-Koħħu
Vince Muscat known as il-Koħħu

Vincent Muscat and Keith Desmond Falzon are to testify next month in criminal proceedings regarding a fight between them in prison, in which Falzon was allegedly bitten by Muscat.

Muscat, known as il-Kohhu, is serving a 15 year sentence for his part in the murder of journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia, after reaching a plea deal with the Attorney General. Falzon, is serving time for offences relating to drugs and child pornography.

The two men were charged on Monday, during a Paola district sitting before Magistrate Nadine Lia by Inspector Paul Camilleri.

The court heard the Corradino Correctional Facility’s doctor testify how on 16 November 2021, at 11am, Falzon had sought a medical report, claiming to have been bitten by Vincent Muscat.

Falzon had verbally abused the doctor, the court was told. “He was very arrogant, calling me names and stating that I was no doctor,” the doctor said, pointing out that he had been practising medicine since 1991.

“I saw the injury but refused to make a medical report because of his behaviour.” The doctor, however, confirmed in court that he had seen a bite mark on the inside of Falzon’s left bicep. “I saw an imprint. Of teeth,” the doctor explained, adding that he had classified the injury as slight. “It was an abrasion. No stitches were needed.”

The doctor added that he had suspected the bite to have been self-inflicted, as Muscat had dentures.

Inspector Paul Camilleri, prosecuting, asked the witness about this. “They could have easily been made by the victim himself. Had the aggressor bitten him it would probably be on the outside of the arm.”

The doctor described Falzon as a “big malingerer.” “He wastes our time a lot,” he said explaining that the man would play up a pre-existing condition as an excuse.

Lawyer David Bonello asked the witness how closely he had seen the wound. “I saw it with my eyes at close range. The arm was still mobile, there was a bruise…I didn’t want to issue a medical certificate,” said the witness, complaining that he had wasted 3 hours of his day to come testify and this had led to a 60-patient backlog.

The doctor told the court that he had referred the accused to Paola health centre to be treated by a doctor of his choice. “As a doctor I feel I need the trust of my patients,” added, confirming that he had been told that Falzon and Muscat had a fight and that Muscat had bit him.

Bonello pointed out that “a denture doesn’t mean no biting.” He asked how long the examination was. “8 minutes,” replied the witness. “The fact that you have a history with Falzon and a great antipathy towards him, do you think this could have clouded your judgment?” “No,” the doctor replied.

A prison representative testified that the two inmates were held in Division 8, which has dormitories upstairs and downstairs smaller cells, and a recreation area with a billiard table. CCTV footage was also exhibited.

The court played the CCTV footage of the fight, in court. It shows Muscat pushing Falzon, who uses a crutch to walk, over. Falzon then takes off his jacket and grapples with the Muscat., punching him. The two men end up on the floor with Muscat on top. Warders break up the fight, which lasted just seconds.

The court accepted a defence request to adjourn the case for the accused men to testify. The case continues next month.