Man charged with raping two elderly people in Ħamrun

The man separately assaulted an elderly man and elderly woman along the same road

A 21-year-old man has been charged with sexually assaulting two elderly people in Ħamrun in close succession. 

Abdul Yousef Abib, the Somali-born man, appeared in court wearing a white forensic suit on Wednesday, pleading not guilty to charges of allegedly raping two victims, committing non-consensual sexual acts, holding the victims against their will, and slightly injuring them, as well as stealing the mobile phone of the elderly man. 

Prosecuting Inspector Joseph Busuttil explained that there had been a commotion outside the Ħamrun police station at around 2am on Tuesday. 

When the police went outside, they found the elderly woman and the accused running away from the scene. 

As the woman explained to the police that the man had assaulted her, an ambulance stopped nearby with an elderly man inside. 

The elderly man claimed that the same man had also sexually assaulted him a few metres down the road and stole his mobile phone. The accused managed to escape after neighbours heard a commotion on the street and came outside to check on the scene. 

Lawyer Daniel Attard, appearing as defence counsel, did not request bail but asked for a psychological evaluation to be carried out on the accused. 

Magistrate Charmaine Galea, who presided over the case, recommended to the director of the Corradino Correctional Facility to provide such an assessment. 

The court ordered a ban on the publication of the alleged victims' names. A protection order was issued in their favour.