Drunken insults and threats to police at St. Paul's Bay feast lands man in the dock

The man pleaded guilty to the charges and apologised to the police officers involved

A man has pleaded guilty to having insulted and threatened police officers in St. Paul’s Bay, after having too much to drink at the village feast, yesterday. 

Snackbar owner Carmel Attard, 55, was arraigned before Magistrate Lara Lanfranco on Monday afternoon, accused of uttering insults and making threats towards a police inspector and two police officers who had been on duty at yesterday’s celebrations of the feast of Our Lady of Sorrows, in the locality.

The incident took place at around 2:30pm on Sunday.

Inspector Matthew Galea also charged Attard, who is from St. Paul’s Bay, with being drunk and incapable of taking himself in public and with breaching the peace.

Attard pleaded guilty to the charges, after consulting with his lawyer Daniel Attard.

Magistrate Lanfranco warned the accused to confirm his guilty plea and gave him some time to reconsider. Attard confirmed his admission, after telling the court that he wished to apologise to the police officers involved.

In its submissions on punishment, the defence pointed out that the man had admitted the charges at the first opportunity, also having done so during his interrogation. Attard had no prior convictions, submitted the lawyer, adding that the law imposed fines for this type of behaviour and that incarceration would not be the best option. He requested that his client be allowed to pay the fine in instalments.

The court, having consulted with the law and heard the submissions on punishment, found Attard guilty and sentenced him to imprisonment for 1 year, suspended for 3 years , together with a €1000 fine, which was payable over a 10 month period.