Man arrested after injuring police man and allegedly stealing several items

A watch, three mobile phones, and a catholic pyx were discovered after police searched the man in custody

Police have arrested a 22-year-old man after he injured a police constable and was caught with several stolen items.

At 11:45pm last night, Ħamrun District Police received information that a suspicious individual was prowling around parked vehicles in the area.

In response to this information, the police went on site to investigate but were unable to locate the claimed perpetrator.

The police started looking for this man right away, and while they were near Mile End Road, they came across a person who fit the description.

He fled the scene as soon as the police approached him. Police chased him down and eventually caught up with him.

As he was taken into custody, the man grew hostile against the police and refused to comply, injuring a constable in the process.

After placing him in handcuffs, the police searched the man and discovered several stolen items, including a watch, three mobile phones, and a catholic pyx.

The 22-year-old man, who was later identified as coming from Chad, was brought to the Ħamrun Police Station and then escorted to the lock-up at Police General Headquarters.

The injured constable received medical attention at a clinic. His injuries are of a minor nature.

Police investigations are ongoing.