Man on bail over partner's sexual abuse, now accused of stalking and harassing her over illegal gun

The man told police he was shadowing the woman’s movements because he left an unregistered firearm of his at her house

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A man on bail for charges of sexually abusing his former partner has been remanded in custody in a mental health facility pending sentencing, after he admitted to stalking and harassing her.

The Marsaskala resident, who cannot be named due to a court-imposed prohibition, had been on bail since May after having allegedly sexual abused the same woman.

She had contacted the police on September 21, after observing that he had started to shadow her movements two days ago, behaviour which he allegedly told police was due to his having left an unregistered firearm of his at her house.

Inspectors Sherona Buhagiar and Doreen Tabone arraigned the man before magistrate Caroline Farrugia Frendo on Thursday afternoon. 

Before declaring the court in session, the magistrate discussed the case privately with the prosecutor and defence counsel at length.

When the arraignment finally got underway, lawyer Marion Camilleri, defence counsel to the accused, entered a guilty plea. She also requested a ban on the publication of the names of the accused and the victims due to the family relationship between them. The request was upheld.

The 40-year-old taxi driver from Marsaskala was accused of harassing his ex-partner, stalking her, threatening her, causing the woman’s daughter to fear he would be violent towards her, breaching bail conditions imposed last May, as well as breaching a restraining order. He was also charged with possessing and carrying an unlicensed firearm.

The prosecution requested the court seize the man’s €20,000 bail bond and impose a protection order, as well as a restraining order in favour of the woman and her daughter.

The court gave the accused the opportunity to reconsider his admission of guilt, but the man chose to confirm his plea.

The court said that it would be sentencing the man next week.

Camilleri did not request bail for the accused, but asked that the court consider recommending the man be held at Mount Carmel Hospital, in view of psychological problems he was facing. The court upheld the request and ordered that he be so held.