Man threatened to run ex-girlfriend over when she complained about his dangerous driving, court told

The man, a taxi driver, was arraigned on Friday morning, accused of detaining the woman against her will and causing her to fear he would be violent towards her

A 27-year-old Naxxar man has been charged with a number of offences after allegedly threatening to break his ex-girlfriend’s fingers and run her over last Wednesday.

The man, a taxi driver, was arraigned before Magistrate Ian Farrugia on Friday morning, accused of detaining the woman against her will and causing her to fear he would be violent towards her on February 1.

He was also charged in connection with a previous incident on 14 January when he allegedly attacked and threatened the same woman. Further charges of threatening the woman, misuse of electronic communications equipment, as well as charges of dangerous driving, breaching bail conditions and recidivism, were also pressed by the police, relating to the February 1 incident.

Police Inspector Audrey Micallef, prosecuting, told the court that the Domestic Violence Unit had been informed of a report by the man’s ex-girlfriend, who claimed that she had been “working with him in his Taxi”, when she had asked her to stop the car as she was getting scared of his driving. “He told her ‘if you open the door, I’ll break your fingers and run you over,’ “ said the inspector. 

The police had found that a previous report had previously been filed by the same woman about a similar incident. When the police tried to arrest the accused at his residence, he was not found at home, in violation of a curfew imposed as part of previous bail conditions.

The accused, who is not being named to avoid potential secondary victimisation, pleaded not guilty. Lawyer Martha Mifsud, representing the accused as legal aid counsel, requested bail, arguing that the charges were as yet unproven and their seriousness should not impinge on his bail prospects. “Bail is the norm, detention should be the exception,” argued the defence.

The request was objected to by Inspector Micallef, who pointed to the serious nature of the charges, the risk of him tampering with evidence, his evident untrustworthiness and the risk of another crime taking place.

The court denied bail, ruling that the risk of the accused tampering with evidence and the serious nature of the charges excluded him as a candidate for bail at this stage. 

The prosecution requested the court issue protection and restraining orders in favour of the alleged victim.