Christian Borg emailed Police Commissioner to complain about RIU officer who pulled him over

Internal police investigations into two complaints made by Christian Borg against a constable who had pulled him over in 2018, found no wrongdoing on the part of the officer a court was told on Monday

Christian Borg (Photo: Facebook)
Christian Borg (Photo: Facebook)

Internal police investigations into two complaints made by Christian Borg against a constable who had pulled him over, found no wrongdoing on the part of the officer, a court has been told.

This emerged as criminal proceedings against 29 year-old Borg, in which he is accused of driving a Range Rover without a licence or insurance cover and threatening a public officer in the line of duty, continued before magistrate Nadine Lia on Monday morning.

The case in question dates back to June 2018, when Borg had been stopped by an RIU police officer outside the Transport Malta offices, on suspicion that he did not have a driver’s licence. 

MaltaToday is told that this had not been the first time that the same police officer had pulled Borg’s car over and an argument had ensued, during which Borg had allegedly threatened to sue the police officer “for libel and freeze all his assets.”

Borg is currently on bail over separate, more recent, proceedings in which he and five others are accused of kidnapping and threatening a man who had allegedly stolen a van from them.

Police Superintendent Graziella Muscat was cross-examined on the witness stand. Defence lawyer Charles Mercieca asked her whether any complaints about the constable had been received by the police.

“Yes, in 2018 there were two complaints by Christian Borg against this constable,” said the witness, explaining that Borg had also sent an email to the Commissioner of Police, outlining his complaints with regards to the RIU officer. 

“The case was investigated and he [Borg] was subsequently informed that there had been no finding of wrongdoing with respect to the officer.”

Borg’s business partner, 27-year old Tyson Grech also testified earlier this morning. Grech, who is one of Borg’s co-defendants in the kidnapping case, described Borg’s demeanour during the incident, which he said had been captured on a video that Grech had filmed on his mobile phone, as “tranquil,”  suggesting that there was more to the charges than meets the eye and claiming that the RIU officer had asked Borg whether he recognised him from previous vehicle stops.

“He wanted revenge…the video shows him [the officer] saying, ‘Do you know who I am?’”

Mercieca asked the Court to order that a copy of the footage - which is just 1 minute long- be exhibited without delay, protesting that the case had been dragging on since 2018.

The case was adjourned to April, for Grech’s cross-examination.

Inspector Paul Camilleri is prosecuting.

Lawyers Gianluca Caruana Curran and Charles Mercieca are defence counsel.