No bail for man charged over theft of cash, phone, from confectionary van

Man remanded in custody over aggravated theft and insults against police officers

Court (File photo)
Court (File photo)

A man from Żabbar has denied stealing cash and a mobile phone in his home town.

Anwar Elnily, a 22-year-old Żabbar resident, was arraigned before magistrate Marseanne Farrugia on Wednesday, accused of aggravated theft, insulting or threatening police officers in the line of duty and breaching bail conditions.

Inspector Gabriel Kitcher told the court that on June 26, the police received a report about the theft of €350 from a confectionery van. Elnily was identified from security camera footage and later arrested.

In addition to the money, the man is also accused of stealing a mobile phone, which he took home, as he lived next to where the van was parked. The court was told that Elnily had returned to the scene of the crime some time later and put the stolen phone back.

Inspector Kitcher explained that while the accused was being held in police custody, he had insulted several officers.

In court today, Elnily pleaded not guilty to the charges brought against him.

Defence lawyer Mario Caruana requested that Elnily be temporarily released from arrest.

The court however, rejected the request due to the nature of the charges and in view of the fact that the defendant had a drug addiction problem, which increased the risk of him committing another crime or attempting to tamper with the evidence while on bail.

The court also appointed a probation officer to assist Elnily.