Beef thief admits to stealing ribeye and duck meat to feed drug habit

High steaks heists and quack cocaine: Man admits to stealing €400 worth of frozen meat to finance cocaine habit

A court has imposed a treatment order on a man who stole over €400 worth of frozen meat in November and December to finance his cocaine habit.

Police Inspectors Francesco Mizzi and Joseph Mallia arraigned 33 year-old Albertus Johannus Leonard Springer, a Dutch national residing in Ghajnsielem, before magistrate Lara Lanfranco earlier today.

Springer was charged with seven counts of theft from different outlets of a popular chain of shops specialising in frozen meat products. The court was told that the stolen products, which consisted almost entirely of beef ribeye steaks, with the notable exception of a single, presumably frozen, duck, were worth a total of €410.

He pleaded guilty to the charges. 

Defence lawyer Roberto Montalto informed the court that the defendant was afflicted by severe addiction to crack cocaine, and had been reduced to stealing in order to feed his drug habit.

The court, after hearing Springer confirm his admission of guilt, sentenced him to probation for 3 years and placed him under a treatment order for the same period. He was also ordered to reimburse the value of the stolen meat to the victims, which he proceeded to do at the end of today's sitting.